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Mass Effect: The Message

The monitor crackled, the screen flashing white before slitting into a horizontal line and fading out. Sparks burst from the upper left corner, causing the Turian to flinch, leaping back as he put an arm up protectively.

He’d been putting off the request for weeks now. A simple vidcom to high command and he’d have new equipment within an hour. It was a perk, one of many, that came with his new station. He preferred to calibrate the machines himself. He’d assumed once they’d be far easier than the weaponry he was so used too. He lamented the assumption, returning to the screen as he promised himself to see to it this weekend.

Once he was sure he wouldn’t be electrocuted, he slid his chair back up to the old desk and placed his palm against the glass. Once again, the monitor struggled, flashing static as it struggled to power up.
“Avina!” He called to the VI that managed his apartment, “What’s wrong with this thing?”
“One moment, Colonel Vakarian.” Avina replied in her usual pleasant v…

Coming Soon: Mass Effect The Message

Following the events of Mass Effect 3, a former member of the Normandy learns of a secret initiative and risks everything to contact it. 

Coming 7-20-2017